the boondocks

Oh jeez. You got me good, I barely know anything about this one. Doesn’t help we don’t get Adult Swim or Cartoon Network in Canada. 

All I remember is it’s about a black family and someone on Tumblr made a gif comparison scene between one kid and an elderly lady fighting that was eerily similar to Sasuke and Orochimaru fighting from Naruto. I’m going to take a stab and say greater forces are at work and traumatizing this family

Send me an ask about a series I know nothing about and I’ll try to summarize it as best I can

#black bullet
» test my dashboard osmosis abilities


send me an ask about a fandom i know nothing about and i will summarize it as best i can


Just found this today, some sort of Russian facebook that’s been reposting a bunch of my art? There’s a user with the name Minuiko and I can’t read Russian but it looks like they’re impersonating me…? They also posted a rl picture of me on there which is ngl pretty creepy. I haven’t decided what to do about it yet but could someone who reads the language verify my suspicions?




James Cameron is developing THREE more avatar films simultaneously can no one stop him

are they splitting book 3 into two movies? hopefully they’re better than m night shyamalan’s version ^_^;


when you try to push up your glasses but forget you took them off so you just kinda hit your face